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Our Story

Our story starts with Grace, a special little girl who had a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome/MPS IIIB.  Grace was missing a crucial enzyme, this deficiency caused a "storage" condition in in her body, rendering her unable to eliminate excess cellular waste. This build-up caused degenerative effects and sadly, there was no treatment or cure.  Today, Grace's legacy carries on as amA+zing Grace, inspiring children and adults to take healthful actions which eliminate excess "build up" in their own systems, and in the environment we all share.  The spreadable/sharable..(amazing) dust compound that comes from Grace's feet is called "Inner Shine Enzyme."  Students manufacture this via smart decision making, and share it freely.  We have plenty to share with adults too! Grown-ups that make smart decisions are very important role models for children.  When you do your part to save energy with us, you are making a very smart move because we place our educational programs into schools to improve the lives of children and our planet! We partner with utility companies, innovative educators, and visionary public health leaders to supply a superior quality educational product to school districts across the country.  We partner with building owners, property managers, and businesses of all kinds to grow children right!