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It's so easy to benefit from utility company incentive programs!

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There have been millions and millions of dollars paid out to assist utility company customers with energy efficiency upgrades such as LED lighting, electric heat pumps, EV charging stations, and solar projects!  It's time to get yours before funds run out!    Lighting will be the first measure to be phased out of the incentive programs so it's a great idea to start there and take care of this now!  We do all of the work, you provide us with the details of your current lighting setup.  It costs some money up front, but it is recouped quickly in energy savings!

Just count how many of each type of lighting fixture you have currently, provide us with the current wattage, and we will send you a quote to upgrade that includes utility company rebate credit, installation, and an ROI (return on investment) estimate.  If you decide to go through with the project, we will need a video of our space to get it approved for incentives and accurately supply and install your new LED lighting fixtures.

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