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The LED Canopy Light series can be used for all different applications. These are great for saving energy in common places such as, parking garages, warehouses, gas station, outdoor walkways, undergroound parking lots, warehouse garages, work floors, and factories.

The fixture uses high quality LED chips with Philips LUMILEDs that have great illumination. Furthermore, these LED Powered Canopy Lights provide soft uniform light, which is a great safety feature for the eyes. Also, there is no IR or UV in the beam. These LED Canopy Garage Lights provide easy install and operation. In addition to the great added benefits, this lighting fixture provides a convenient feature such as "Instant Start," and there is none of the annoying Flickering or Humming you get with some outdoor lighting fixtures. Moreover,  Canopy Lights provide Eco-Friendly lighting; at reduced cost, without Mercury.

LED Canopy Light- Garage Light

SKU: 1GN-GT-108-100017
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